Put This Cougar Back in Her Cage…

If I were her stylist, I would put this cougar back in her cage while I went shopping for some pieces to fix this hot mess of an outfit. It’s all just too much; and it ain’t pretty kitty.

Now, the pieces are salvageable, but worn separately. The cardigan needs to be buttoned up on the bottom. I would pair it with chic white jeans, Joe’s Jeans’ Honey cut in white are to die for ( and perfect for us gals with a tush); or tailored white pants with a wide cuff. I love the look of colored heels with leopard; red, yellow, green purple; it’s all good.

If you want to go with the skirt, pair it with a solid color cardigan ( again, experiment with color here too!); or a white deep v-neck t-shirt with a fitted cardigan over. I LOVE Banana Republic’s cardigans, fab and affordable.

When it come to animal print, less is more. Break up the print with solid colors like this chic lady below ( and I am not just saying that because I styled this outfit) and you’ll be the cat’s meow.

Photo credits; US Weekly,InStyle, Nordstrom.com

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