And you are ???????

If I were Phoebe Price’s stylist I would first ask myself why, as I am not sure exactly what she is famous for, aside from consistently appearing on the Worst Dressed List. But, I digress. This whole outfit just screams ” My First Ever Girls Weekend in Vegas”. Those shoes during the day are just criminal. The dress would be great with a flat shoe, take your pick; flat fringed boot, gladiator sandal, slipper. I LOVE Minnetonka’s lace up fringed boots for fall.

I am not nuts for the headband, but I know a lot of pretty young things in La La Land are loving them, so I suppose it can stay. However, I would opt for a more subtle band, this Stevie Nicks explosion is just too much. Just a few changes and you could be on your way to a real career Ms. Price.

Photo Credits: Life & Style,

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