One Trend, Two Ways….

I think it’s safe to say we’re all feeling the strain of the current economy in some way or another, but my darlings, this is no excuse to dress like we lost our sense of style along with our fortunes. We have all heard about shopping in our own closets ( if you haven’t, that happens to be one of my specialties, so contact me ASAP!) There’s a whole new world of fashion in your closet as you’re reading this, just waiting to be rediscovered), but I also think there are a few pieces we all need this Spring to keep us looking like a million bucks. I recently was a featured guest speaker at Bloomingdales in Fashion Valley where I taught ladies how to get two or more looks out of one trend. I thought I share a few gems this week….

The Boyfriend Jean…
While I do feel like Katie Holmes just woke up one morning on put on Tom’s jeans and now we’re all running around looking a mess, there are some perks to this style. There are many of us who get a little lazy in the winter months and pack on some lbs., so this is a good look to camouflage that. Also, the loose fit makes them pretty comfy to run around in. Since the jeans are boxy and masculine, it is imperative to keep the top fitted and feminine or else you’re going to look a butchy bum. For daytime, I like to pair the jeans with a camisole and a bright shrunken cardigan and beautiful flats. When the sun goes down, I like to top off the jeans with a sexy silk top and a giant heel or platform. Just remember ladies, keep it balanced and look like the foxy lady you are.

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Some gems from my archives

Well, I decided with the recent Awards Season wrapping up, the fashion police of Hollywood have already issued enough warrants for the style assaults committed by tinseltown’s finest, so I am switching gears on this blog for a minute. I recently met with my creative team and found some oldies but goodies from my book that I wanted to share with you all here. This is truly what I love most about my job, complete artistic freedom… enjoy!