Her Cups Runneth Over….

We get it Kim, we get it, you’re a knockout with giant knockers, but there is something to be said for the “less is more adage”. Less boob and less fabric on the bottom could have saved this ” I am in my pj’s and I don’t give a damn what you think look”. Now, pantsuits and the whole PJ look ( thanks to Dolce e& Gabbana’s Spring 09 collection) are hot trends for spring but the lack of proper proportions kill this Stella McCartney jumper. I am all for a little cleavage now and then, but this is just way too much; it makes her look more Hooters than high-end. I would add a bit more fabric to the cups or sew in a lace edge to add coverage and keep the sexiness. The pants are just way too big, her tiny little body ( and believe me, I saw her at YSL in Beverly Hills and this gal is teeny-tiny) is swimming in all that fabric. She needs to take the legs in about 5 inches on each side to streamline the silhouette.
Just a quick appointment with a good tailor will have Miss Kardashian keeping up with the latest trends.

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