Disney Disaster…

Oh sweet, sweet Selena… que pasa with this horrific look? She looks like one of the fly girls going to an interview for a 9 to 5 job. The shirt and blouse are just way too much pouff to be worn together and there is a Brats doll somewhere going muy loca that someone took her boots. Okay, so let’s take the blouse on its own, which could actually be pretty cute if paired with a high waisted pencil skirt. The streamlined silhouette of the pencil skirt will balance out the billowy shape of the top, showing off her cute little teeny bopper body. Same deal with the skirt, pair it with a close fitting t shirt or tank top a la Kristen Bell in a fab Jenny Kayne number. She can just forget about that shoe and sock number all together and opt for a classic black heel. I am currently kooky for YSL’s platform pumps. They make your legs look a mile long and like you were just poured into them. Heed my words Miss Gomez and you will cast a spell on us all.

Photo Credits: Life & Style, Google.

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