Scarlett Letter

Scarlett Johansson should have a big “H” across her chest for hot mess of an outfit. I never have understood why pretty people try to make themselves look horrific. Ms. Johansson is arguably one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood with one of the most envied bodies, but you would never know from this ill proportioned ensemble. The waist on her shorts is way too high, and cuts her torso in an awful place, and the tucked in shirt is not helping her any. It just makes her look squatty. She needs to untuck her shirt to elongate her torso.
The legs are way too full, they should fit a bit closer to her thighs ( not too tight or you risk looking like Daisy Duke). A closer fit will make her look more chic, and less country. The big dark sandals also cut her leg in a weird place and are much too heavy for this look. I am a huge fan of nude colored sandals as they keep the visual line of your leg going and give the illusion of length.

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