Wintour Wonderland

If you have any interest in fashion at all, Run, don’t walk to see The September Issue. What a fabulous film!!! Anna Wintour is larger than life. While she is a tyrant that can make or break a designer ( YSL head designer Stefano Pilati looked like he was about to vomit from nerves while showing her his fall collection; Thakoon tells of hands shaking so badly he could almost not hold up a garment in his first meeting with fashion’s first lady), you sort of feel sorry for her. Behind that perfectly coifed bob, she seems almost robotic, void of any real human emotion…
The real star of this film to me is the incredibly talented and lovely Grace Coddington. She has a fierce eye for style, even if she does at times struggle with the ever evolving fashion world in which politics sometimes takes precedence. I wanted to be her best friend immediately in the scene where she is putting on a model’s shoe at a shoot and admits she thinks she is the only fashion editor that actually does these “menial” acts instead of an assistant. What a genius she is. Looks like I have a new girl crush:-)

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