It’s in the Genes….

As far as the celebrity gene pool goes, there are always a handful of beauties that inherit their mamas’ style sense and rise right to the top. As Mother’s Day approaches, I’d like to salute my top choices for the most stylish mother and daughter duos. First and foremost we have the ethereal and always sunny Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson. As a trailblazer in the 60’s hippie scene, Goldie Hawn took body paint to a whole new level. A true California girl, her blonde mane and bohemian look came to define an era. Her boho chic look was reborn and re-imagined by the equally bubbly and alluring Kate. Whether she is rocking a teeny-tiny sundress or a killer Stella McCartney suit, Hudson always adds a personal touch that makes the look unique and her own.

Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri are another shinning example of genetics gone oh so right. Susan is the best example in Hollywood of aging gracefully. She knows what clothes and cuts work on her figure and always hits the mark. She and Eva share those amazing doe eyes and pretty impressive cleavage, yet they always dress on the right side of class. While Eva takes more fashion risks than her mom, she always maintains that classic look.

Rounding out my favorite fashionable moms and daughters, we have Bianca and Jade Jagger. A fixture at Studio 54, Bianca was a pro at pushing the fashion envelope. Whether riding in on a white horse, or wearing the smallest and tightest dress possible, Bianca always made a statement. Jade inherited her mom’s creative flair (along with those incredible cheekbones) and designed her own jewelry line for several years before launching a lifestyle concept, Jezebel, which fuses music, clothing, and lifestyle.

This Sunday, be sure to thank your own stylish mama for doing the most important job a woman can ever have… being a mother.

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