Translating Trends

Va Va voom v-neck cuts were a big trend at Sunday’s Golden Globes. Everyone from It Girl Jessica Chastain to hot new mama Claire Danes plunged to daring new lows in red hot frocks. So, how wearable is this off the carpet? Well first things first; this is a look better suited for smaller chested women. If you’re more Kate Dillon than Kate Moss, you might want to steer clear of this neckline.  Also, be sure you’re baring it all in an appropriate locale- bar room, yes; board room- no. The real key to pulling off this look is balancing out the sexy silhouette on top by covering it up below. Pair a plunging neckline with a wide leg trouser or a slim-cut full length skirt. It’s basic math really- the T to A ratio. A revealing upper (T) begs for a more conservative lower (A). The below looks from Lanvin, Stella McCartney and Ralph Lauren are definite do’s. The silhouettes are perfectly balanced. It’s sexy without being too in your face. And every lady knows, there’s nothing sexy about being a boob.


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