Prada’s Top 5

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Prada’s grand opening in Fashion Valley (to benefit Voices for Children, a fabulous non-profit in San Diego). While admiring their Spring 2013 collection, I couldn’t help but think of my first trip to Italy, more specifically the Prada outlet, and how that helped spur my love of fashion. Here’s a look back on some of my favorite Prada hits… 


The Nylon Packback- 1985

The nylon bag that took backpacks off of the playground and onto the backsides of fashion’s most elite. I went to the Prada outlet in 1999 and purchased three of these bad boys in clack, grey and hot pink- yikes! My set bag today is a nylon Prada messenger bag that is a million years old and I won’t do any job without.



Miu Miu- 1993

Prada’s sister line debuted- targeting the edgy/downtown fashionista and offered at a slightly lower price point. While living in Italy during college I saved for two months and bought the most perfect Miu Miu party dress- and it is still in heavy rotation today!



The Platform Sandal- 1996

A precursor to today’s it shoe,  the “flatform”,  these sandals changed the look of casual shoes. Suddenly sandals weren’t just for your nonna. They were chic, feminine and actually comfortable!  I went to a Catholic high school with a strict dress code, save for the shoes. I managed to talk my dad, an equally enthusiastic Prada aficionado, into buying me a black patent leather pair I literally wore into the ground.



Embellished Heels- 2007

Heels are heels, right? Enter Spring 2007 when Prada’s heels could have been easily mistaken for a lush garden. It was the first time we saw pumps with moxie. I remember putting clients in those botanical beauties for red carpets that year and for the first time, the shoes became just as important as the dress.   



The Crystal Dress- 2010

This work of art was donned by more celebrities and graced more pages of fashion mags than any frock in recent history. Turning the idea of a traditional dress on its head, this beauty graced the cover of Vogue a record three times! You couldn’t look at an editorial or red carpet without seeing a starlet shining in this crystal overlay, yet somehow I always still wanted more!

Brava Prada- can’t wait to see what other warm fashion memories will be made donning your fabulous line!



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