How to wear spring’s pastels, without looking like an Easter egg…

Spring has officially sprung, and with it, a delicious array of sorbet inspired pastels! Pastels can be tricky on some skin tones, so here are a few simple tricks to avoid looking like an easter egg…

1) Avoid wearing one color head to toe. Color-blocking is still ruling the runways, so mix it up a bit. Anything goes when it comes to color blocking… pink with purple; yellow with green, pink with green. If this is a bit too outside your comfort zone, start with different hues in the same family; a soft pink mixed with a neon or salmon.

2) Pair one pastel piece with a darker, bolder piece to anchor the look. Charcoal gray, tan and navy pair beautifully with springtime’s soft palette. You can also mix in white. Just steer clear of black; it’s too heavy a color and will throw the whole look off.

3) Not every pastel is for every skin tone (unlike the richer jewel tones which look great on almost everyone). Try a few on and see which one suits you best.

color block 2 color block

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