Prints Charming

While watching my daughter (attempt to) dress herself this morning, unabashedly layering pattern upon pattern; it reminded me of the number one question I get from my clients… How do I successfully mix patterns? Pattern play is one of my favorite ways to give an outfit a little edge and there are a few ways to do it. The first way would be to pick two patterns with the same color palette. Try navy and white florals with navy and white pinstripes or black and white polka dots and black and white stripes.

Image Image

Another option is to mix different versions of the same pattern- plaids, florals, polka dots and stripes are the easiest prints to pair. The key here is to play with different sizes and colors to make it look like the mixing was intentional, not a bad accident:-)


And now, for my final and golden rule for mixing prints… when all else fails, opt for leopard. Leopard print lends itself to any pattern play. Floral and leopard to me is heavenly; just the right balance of sweet vs. minx. It also compliments plaid perfectly for Fall.

leo 1 leo 3 leo 2

The good news is, it’s kind of hard to make mistakes when mixing patterns right now. Just open any high-end glossy and you will see up to 5 different prints per look! If all this is too much, start slowly and add pops of print via accessories. Belts, bags and and scarves are a great baby step into this crazy mixed up trend! And now a quick shout -out to my muse for this post…


Shades of grey…

Today at the ripe old age of 33, I found my first gray hair! Not a rogue highlight, not a streak of yogurt compliments of my toddler; but a real non-pigmented, sad, lonely gray hair. In an effort to make me feel better about my impending decline into geriatrics, I decided to highlight some silver foxes… Here we go!


Shouldn’t work, yet some how it does. I LOVE it!


The OG silver fox, Alec Baldwin has always been in my top 5 celebrity crushes.


The best example of aging gracefully… flawless!


Totally fearless

Okay, so my solitary ashy strand may be in good company, but I am still calling my colorist first thing in the morning!

Nars, Chanel and La Mer… Oh my!


Before you put on that killer cut out dress or slip into your beloved Louboutins, you need the perfect foundation. No, not Spanx, although those are key. I am talking about the perfect face. From eye cream and serum to mascara and lipstick, the way you care for and primp your skin is paramount when it comes to looking good. Join me Saturday morning at 7:30am (the early bird always gets the worm) as I host a very exclusive event at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley. The Makeup Date will feature a very special runway showcase of the must-know trends in lips, eyes and skincare. RSVP to Lisa Parviz at 619-610-6455 or

See you there Gorgeous!


Isabel Marant Heading to H&M!

H&M has done it again. Isabel Marant will soon join the ranks of Lanvin, Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney when her capsule collection hits the floor on November 14, 2013. The tres chic French powerhouse is probably best know for single-handedly making over those wretched Guess booties we all went so nuts for in the 90’s and, most recently, giving us leg-lengthening platform sneakers.   While her designs are hush-hush, I am crossing all my fingers and bootie-clad toes that some renditions of my current favorites may make a cameo….


Resorting to dreams….

Whilst running after three kids and carrying more backpacks than a Himalayan sherpa today at Sea World, I couldn’t help but dream about being somewhere else… somewhere warm and tropical with a drink in my hand, trashy novel in my lap, and wearing fabulous resort wear. So I found nap time to be the perfect time to skim through the latest in Resort 2014 collections. Some of my personal favorites included an adorably chic black Phillip Lim 3.1 romper and white blouse combo, perfect for wandering down a cobblestone street in a tiny European town…


A white lace Giambattista Valli robe inspired dress that would look glorious atop a camel’s back or while dining al fresco in a tiny Greek Village…


And an eco-friendly python Stella McCartney shift dress with killer zipper detail that would look perfect anywhere – except for maybe the front row of a Shamu show.


Rompers- a must for summer!

I was hesitant to try rompers on account of my freakishly long torso and the dreaded camel toe, but alas, I was pleasantly surprised to find they are actually quite wearable. They’re lightweight enough to beat the heat, but the shorts give you much more mobility than a skirt- and wether you’re chasing after a toddler or a few cocktails deep, that’s always a good thing! For day, I love a white crochet look, like this one from Topshop USA. Add a straw hat and some bangles and you’re good to go.


Come evening time, this silk Yumi Kim is perfect with it’s long sleeves and breezy silhouette. Pair with stacked heels or wedges, a few thin gold necklaces and a killer clutch and it’s the perfect date night look.


So throw one on and romp away… They’re even cute in mini sizes!