Emmy’s Winning Looks!

Some consider the Emmy’s the little league equivalent to the Oscar’s World Series. I say anytime there is a red carpet, let’s live it up and go all out, why not?! So who knocked it out of the park last night and who struck out?  My best dressed include Rose Byrne, taking the crop top look glam in Calvin Klein and looking every bit the blushing beauty.


Julianne Hough shone in Jenny Peckham  (although I have heard some disagree); that color, that body, that hair and make-up.. LOVED IT!Image


SO for every winner, I am sad to report there must be a loser ( I am not even going to touch Lena Dunham- that goes without saying)… Kerry Washington… wtf?! You just got voted People’s Best Dressed woman of 2013 and showed up looking like a renaissance fair bride?


I don’t get it… Also with a swing a miss… January Jones. I get what you were trying to do here but fit should never be sacrificed or the sake of the overall look. The bodice was a mess and the skirt just too full. Okay, so for all my winners, well done, enjoy your offseason and rest up for next year’s big game. Those that didn’t fare so well, might I suggest a stint in AAA Ball?