Give it up!

Call it spring cleaning, lent… whatever, but now is a good time to give up some dated fashion looks. As a personal stylist, I often go into some client’s closets and it’s more a clothing museum than an actual working closet. Top offenders….

1) Overly washed and embellished denim

We’ve all done it- donned those jeans with bedazzled details and overly washed out color. But those days have come to end. Please, please toss those early 2000’s staples (Von Dutch anyone?!) in favor of a uniform wash (either dark or light) sans embellishments. This season’s best cuts are the tried and true skinny as well as a flared out leg, thanks to the 1970’s trend.

denim 1a denim 3 denim 2

2) Wedge sneakers

My most hated trend of the last few years, these grotesque hybrids make zero sense to me. Either be a cute wedge or a sneaker! Thankfully highly stylized sneakers are everywhere this season ad they are actually comfortable and functional!

wedge slips nikes

3) Logomania!

Think Paris Hilton a la 2005. Got it? Good, now get rid of it! Nothing is tackier to me than head to toe designer on blast. A truly fashionable woman knows how to mix high and low for a look that is all her own- Zara with Lanvin, Top Shop with Prada etc. Not only is mixing high and low much easier on the wallet, but it also opens up so many more options.

burberry  mix 2 mix 1

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