Best gifts for mamas…

I consider my husband to be very lucky in that I tell him exactly what thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts he should get me. For those of you with more tact and subtlety, feel free to direct those near and dear to you to my list of top picks below!


Tretorn Leopard sneaks

I bought these two weeks ago and have worn them 8 times since. Not only are they super comfy, but they are super on trend and the small platform adds a little extra ummmph to any t-shirt and shorts.



Gucci Marmont Belt Bag ( aka socially acceptable fanny pack)

The day my youngest was potty trained I gleefully tossed aside my diaper bag and put my favorite handbags pack into rotation. My Marmont belt bag has bridged that mom on the run but still loves fashion gap perfectly!


Adidas belt bag
For those of you whose significant others/kids scoff at the idea of a designer fanny pack (aka on trend belt bag), I give you my go-to for those active, but still fashionable days.


QUAY x JLO specs

I’ll be honest, morning drop off at school is not where I shine. You’ll always find rocking sunglasses, rain or shine.  With these Get Right mirrored specs they’ll never know if I just got my pupils dilated or am just chic AF.


Le Labo Santal 33
If Ron Burgundy’s beloved Sex Panther did exist, I imagine it would small just like this. This fragrance works on any and everybody and the smell is simply the best I have ever encountered.


Silk Scrunchies 
I wore them twenty years ago and I am wearing them again! Who knew scrunchies would be back?! These make any mundane ponytail looked like you actually tried and are perfect to keep your hair out of your face at night without any post slumber creases and kinks.


Diptyque Baies Candle
This was the first non Bath & Body Works candle I bought myself over a decade ago and remember feeling like real hot s@#%. The rose and black currant smell is divine and can fill a room within minutes.



Mother Daughter Journal
My daughter is only seven and she has so.many.feelings. She has written me some real humdinger letters and I treasure each and every one. I love this journal as way to communicate back and forth with structure… and a bit less drama.


Eminence Mangosteen Cleanser

As approach 40, it turns out the only part of me that looks young is my teenage, acne prone skin. I love all Eminence products but am currently loving this Mangosteen daily cleanser. Hoping to totally resurface my skin asap!

This Mother’s Day, remember mamas make this world go around, so in their honor, please be kind to everyone this Sunday and every other day.

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