Some gems from my archives

Well, I decided with the recent Awards Season wrapping up, the fashion police of Hollywood have already issued enough warrants for the style assaults committed by tinseltown’s finest, so I am switching gears on this blog for a minute. I recently met with my creative team and found some oldies but goodies from my book that I wanted to share with you all here. This is truly what I love most about my job, complete artistic freedom… enjoy!

A Shot at Style….

If I were Tila Tequila’s stylist, I would had to have taken about 40 shots of tequila to think this was ever a good idea for an outfit. This little tart needs to sex it down and cover it up…. I have always been a fan of the less is more approach. Clearly a concept that is lost on this little bi-sexual beauty. Okay, the corset can stay, but I would add a fitted black jacket over it, as illustrated here by the lovely Eve, in a hot little tailored number by DSquared2. Since we know Miss Tequila likes to go both ways, I would give her the option of pairing that combo with a pair of either dark skinny jeans, for a chic look, or some ripped up jeans for a dirty rocker look. I would top both looks off with a pair of platform heels in either black or leopard. Now, that’s a look worth drinking to.

Photos: People Style Watch, InStyle

First Lady of Fashion….

I’m baaaack…. Yes I have been hibernating for the past few months, but I was so inspired by the impeccable style of Mrs. Obama, that the Biggest Loser will have to wait tonight. I feel compelled to give this woman the props she deserves. I know I am not the only one to compare Michelle Obama, but I would like to think I was among the first. Let’s break it down, shall we???
The Swearing In Ceremony dress was so chic and representative of Mrs. Obama’s personal style. The cut was a classic one but the fabrication and color made it so modern. Lace is such a huge trend for fall/winter and the citrus hue is so dead on for Spring. The J. Crew gloves mixed in with the Isabel Toledo dress is the perfect look of couture meets everyday. A look we can all relate to ( Forever 21 dress and YSL Muse bag anyone?!)

Okay, now for the dreamy Jason Wu Inaugural Ball gown… here again she nails a big trend, yet makes it her own. We all know the one shoulder look is hot and winter white is well… white hot ( I couldn’t resist). This reminds me of another fashion icon at an Inaugural Ball….

Okay, now for the whole story, check me out on….

photos: Google

Two halves do make a whole…. hot mess

If I were Katie Price’s stylist, I would sit down and have a long talk about the basic rules of math… While the sum of the parts is always greater than the whole, that is no excuse to walk around like a tramped out version of Batman’s Two- Face.
Where, O where to start…. okay, I think this whole look needs to be scrapped; there is nothing worth saving on either half of this wretched ensemble. Now Katie is a pretty girl, but she does love her some tranny make-up. If she wants to paint all that nonsense on her face, then she needs to keep the hair VERY simple. A straight and clean look, or loose natural waves would be best. As for the dress, I know some girls love pink and I imagine Katie is one of them, but when wearing such a stand-out color, you need to be sure the silhouette is simple and classy. Dolce & Gabbana makes gorgeous and sexy dresses and they don’t shy away from color. Like this fab look on Teri Hatcher at David Letterman. There are so many color variations on this classic dress; it is almost in Dolce & Gabbana’s collections every year. Let the dress be the stand-out item and keep the shoes neutral. My favorite look is a great nude color shoe. They go with everything and make your legs look longer as your skin color will just blend into the shoe. Now just add these three simple tips up for one hot look.
Photo credits; Life & Style, Google

And you are ???????

If I were Phoebe Price’s stylist I would first ask myself why, as I am not sure exactly what she is famous for, aside from consistently appearing on the Worst Dressed List. But, I digress. This whole outfit just screams ” My First Ever Girls Weekend in Vegas”. Those shoes during the day are just criminal. The dress would be great with a flat shoe, take your pick; flat fringed boot, gladiator sandal, slipper. I LOVE Minnetonka’s lace up fringed boots for fall.

I am not nuts for the headband, but I know a lot of pretty young things in La La Land are loving them, so I suppose it can stay. However, I would opt for a more subtle band, this Stevie Nicks explosion is just too much. Just a few changes and you could be on your way to a real career Ms. Price.

Photo Credits: Life & Style,

Affordable Sex

Now usually when I think of the Home Shopping Network, I think of bedazzled sweat suits with matching visors ( vom), but now I will have a reason to tune in at 1:35 am and do some damage… Patricia Field, the genius costumer for Sex and the City, has designed an affordable line (Prices range from $35 to $200) inspired by SATC launching on Home Shopping Network. ” Wherever I go people stop and talk to me, ‘ I’m a Carrie’ or ‘I’m a Miranda’. What could I say to people that would apply to everybody?”
The answer, hopefully, will be revealed September 23 when the collection launches.

Photo Credit: Fishbowl NY

Put This Cougar Back in Her Cage…

If I were her stylist, I would put this cougar back in her cage while I went shopping for some pieces to fix this hot mess of an outfit. It’s all just too much; and it ain’t pretty kitty.

Now, the pieces are salvageable, but worn separately. The cardigan needs to be buttoned up on the bottom. I would pair it with chic white jeans, Joe’s Jeans’ Honey cut in white are to die for ( and perfect for us gals with a tush); or tailored white pants with a wide cuff. I love the look of colored heels with leopard; red, yellow, green purple; it’s all good.

If you want to go with the skirt, pair it with a solid color cardigan ( again, experiment with color here too!); or a white deep v-neck t-shirt with a fitted cardigan over. I LOVE Banana Republic’s cardigans, fab and affordable.

When it come to animal print, less is more. Break up the print with solid colors like this chic lady below ( and I am not just saying that because I styled this outfit) and you’ll be the cat’s meow.

Photo credits; US Weekly,InStyle,