Disney Disaster…

Oh sweet, sweet Selena… que pasa with this horrific look? She looks like one of the fly girls going to an interview for a 9 to 5 job. The shirt and blouse are just way too much pouff to be worn together and there is a Brats doll somewhere going muy loca that someone took her boots. Okay, so let’s take the blouse on its own, which could actually be pretty cute if paired with a high waisted pencil skirt. The streamlined silhouette of the pencil skirt will balance out the billowy shape of the top, showing off her cute little teeny bopper body. Same deal with the skirt, pair it with a close fitting t shirt or tank top a la Kristen Bell in a fab Jenny Kayne number. She can just forget about that shoe and sock number all together and opt for a classic black heel. I am currently kooky for YSL’s platform pumps. They make your legs look a mile long and like you were just poured into them. Heed my words Miss Gomez and you will cast a spell on us all.

Photo Credits: Life & Style, Google.

Her Cups Runneth Over….

We get it Kim, we get it, you’re a knockout with giant knockers, but there is something to be said for the “less is more adage”. Less boob and less fabric on the bottom could have saved this ” I am in my pj’s and I don’t give a damn what you think look”. Now, pantsuits and the whole PJ look ( thanks to Dolce e& Gabbana’s Spring 09 collection) are hot trends for spring but the lack of proper proportions kill this Stella McCartney jumper. I am all for a little cleavage now and then, but this is just way too much; it makes her look more Hooters than high-end. I would add a bit more fabric to the cups or sew in a lace edge to add coverage and keep the sexiness. The pants are just way too big, her tiny little body ( and believe me, I saw her at YSL in Beverly Hills and this gal is teeny-tiny) is swimming in all that fabric. She needs to take the legs in about 5 inches on each side to streamline the silhouette.
Just a quick appointment with a good tailor will have Miss Kardashian keeping up with the latest trends.

What I did today…

I have decided to start a new entry on my blog to fill my readers in on the latest and greatest with me ( after all, I can’t just rip apart poor, unsuspecting celebs and their wretechd outfit choices all day, can I?). As my schedule is ever changing and I am always doing something different, I thought this could be a cool feature. So, without any further adieu, here’s what I did today
Photo Shoot for the City of Santa Monica… A relatively easy and quick shoot to promote the sexiness of the city of Santa Monica. Since I have yet to master putting captions in the right place, the first image is one option for the campaign. The second, is a behind the scenes look ( the one thing I do agree with Hilary Clinton on is that it DOES take a village:-) The final shot is the second option. Enjoy!

Lady Gag!

Can anyone keep a poker face when looking at this wretched mess of an outfit? The bra and undies look way out of place and the boots just look like a pair of 80’s roller rink skates are eating her legs and not doing her thighs any favors either. Okay, okay, let’s be fair and let this gal keep one piece… the jacket actually is pretty fab, but would look better with some clothing on the bottom. I am kooky for jackets/blazers/sports coats ( call it what you will, but it’s an essential item for spring and summer) worn with ripped up jeans and heels. The distressed jeans add an edge to the more conservative jacket and balance out the whole look. I am currently obsessed with William Rast’s Belle Flare Traveller jeans. They make your legs look a million miles long and they run fairly big, so you will most likely have to buy a size or two smaller than you usually wear, which is just a nice little ego boost. ( yes, I know sizes vary by brand, but let me enjoy the only pair of size 26 jeans I will ever own in my life!) Now, you can really wear anything under the jacket; a tight t-shirt, tank top, silk camisole, white blouse; it’s all good. Alright now, Miss GaGa, I see you your jacket and raise you these few tips:-)

Photo Credit: Star Magazine, Revolveclothing.com

One Trend, Two Ways….

I think it’s safe to say we’re all feeling the strain of the current economy in some way or another, but my darlings, this is no excuse to dress like we lost our sense of style along with our fortunes. We have all heard about shopping in our own closets ( if you haven’t, that happens to be one of my specialties, so contact me ASAP!) There’s a whole new world of fashion in your closet as you’re reading this, just waiting to be rediscovered), but I also think there are a few pieces we all need this Spring to keep us looking like a million bucks. I recently was a featured guest speaker at Bloomingdales in Fashion Valley where I taught ladies how to get two or more looks out of one trend. I thought I share a few gems this week….

The Boyfriend Jean…
While I do feel like Katie Holmes just woke up one morning on put on Tom’s jeans and now we’re all running around looking a mess, there are some perks to this style. There are many of us who get a little lazy in the winter months and pack on some lbs., so this is a good look to camouflage that. Also, the loose fit makes them pretty comfy to run around in. Since the jeans are boxy and masculine, it is imperative to keep the top fitted and feminine or else you’re going to look a butchy bum. For daytime, I like to pair the jeans with a camisole and a bright shrunken cardigan and beautiful flats. When the sun goes down, I like to top off the jeans with a sexy silk top and a giant heel or platform. Just remember ladies, keep it balanced and look like the foxy lady you are.

Photo credit: Google

Some gems from my archives

Well, I decided with the recent Awards Season wrapping up, the fashion police of Hollywood have already issued enough warrants for the style assaults committed by tinseltown’s finest, so I am switching gears on this blog for a minute. I recently met with my creative team and found some oldies but goodies from my book that I wanted to share with you all here. This is truly what I love most about my job, complete artistic freedom… enjoy!