What I did today…

I have decided to start a new entry on my blog to fill my readers in on the latest and greatest with me ( after all, I can’t just rip apart poor, unsuspecting celebs and their wretechd outfit choices all day, can I?). As my schedule is ever changing and I am always doing something different, I thought this could be a cool feature. So, without any further adieu, here’s what I did today
Photo Shoot for the City of Santa Monica… A relatively easy and quick shoot to promote the sexiness of the city of Santa Monica. Since I have yet to master putting captions in the right place, the first image is one option for the campaign. The second, is a behind the scenes look ( the one thing I do agree with Hilary Clinton on is that it DOES take a village:-) The final shot is the second option. Enjoy!

Lady Gag!

Can anyone keep a poker face when looking at this wretched mess of an outfit? The bra and undies look way out of place and the boots just look like a pair of 80’s roller rink skates are eating her legs and not doing her thighs any favors either. Okay, okay, let’s be fair and let this gal keep one piece… the jacket actually is pretty fab, but would look better with some clothing on the bottom. I am kooky for jackets/blazers/sports coats ( call it what you will, but it’s an essential item for spring and summer) worn with ripped up jeans and heels. The distressed jeans add an edge to the more conservative jacket and balance out the whole look. I am currently obsessed with William Rast’s Belle Flare Traveller jeans. They make your legs look a million miles long and they run fairly big, so you will most likely have to buy a size or two smaller than you usually wear, which is just a nice little ego boost. ( yes, I know sizes vary by brand, but let me enjoy the only pair of size 26 jeans I will ever own in my life!) Now, you can really wear anything under the jacket; a tight t-shirt, tank top, silk camisole, white blouse; it’s all good. Alright now, Miss GaGa, I see you your jacket and raise you these few tips:-)

Photo Credit: Star Magazine, Revolveclothing.com