Bella Coachella

Coachella is not your mama’s ol’ music festival. It has become not only a stage for music most talented acts, but also a runway for the most boho beauties around. Kate Bosworth has become the unofficial muse of Coachella and her laid back, devil may care approach to dressing is contagious! I’m loving the Isabele Marant cowboy inspired shirt as a jacket, adding a pop to her black tee and cut-offs. The layered necklaces and nude booties are the perfect finishing touches on this hippie chic look.

The good news is this is a totally wearable look outside of a music festival- I promise! For the warmer spring months, try a white tee and cut-offs and head to your nearest vintage store where cowboy shirts are more rampant than peace pipes at Coachella. Nude booties can be tricky on legs any bigger than Bosworth’s gazelle-like gams but here are some tips to help… Look for a bootie as close to your skin tone as possible. Make sure the top of the bootie hits below your ankle, or at least dips down a bit in front to elongate your leg and keep the visual line going. Throw on a few layered necklaces (anything chunky and turquoise is tres chic here) and let your inner hippie rock out.

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  1. Glad I have you around to tell me what I need and how to wear it – always see this stuff in magazines and stuff, but never know how to actually pull it off:)

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